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We carry a variety of Cabot stains here at Moore Innovations to meet all your staining and woodcare needs. Contact us to get expert advice on which product is right for you and your project.

Australian Timber Oil


Best for enhancing natural wood character

-Shows the most wood texture and grain

-Rich color and dimension

-Premium blend of 3 oils for maximum penetration, color depth and water repellency

Wood-Toned Stain

cabot wood toned stain


Best for new or reconditioned wood

-Shows the most wood texture and grain

-Hint of natural color

-Resin and oil formula waterproofs and slowly weathers over time for easy re-coating

Semi-Transparent Stains


Best for adding color to wood in good condition

-Shows some wood texture and grain

-A wide choice of colors

-Provides beautiful and durable weather protection

Semi-Solid Stains


Best for decks, high-traffic areas and siding

-Covers wood grain

-Beautiful color

-Scuff-resistant protection on high-traffic areas

-Waterproofs and resists fading and peeling

Solid Stains

Cabot solid stain

Best for worn, weathered or previously coated wood

-Maximum wood grain coverage

-Maximum color

-Maximum UV protection and durability

-Longest-lasting, full-coverage protection